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          Home / Products / Chemical Products / Other Fluorides / Potassium Fluoaluminate

          Potassium Fluoaluminate

          Molecular Formula:KAlF4

          Molecular Weight:142.07
          CAS No.:14484-69-6

          Property:This product is a white or gray crystalline powder with  initial melting point of 560℃ , solubility in 1000g water: 0.86g (0℃),  1.42g (25℃) and 4.58g (100℃).

          Applications:Potassium Fluoaluminate (KAlF4), It is used  as welding flux in aluminum alloy and stainless steel, a degasser and an  auxiliary solvent in aluminum alloy fabrication, also used as an active  filler for glass, ceramic and friction compound.


          GradeChemical   Composition (%)
          FKAlNa Fe2O3SO42-H2O
          Grade I5129.517.
          Grade II4928170.
          Grade III4625150.50.050.501.0

          Packing:in 25kgs or 50kgs PP bags or multiply paper bags, or  1000kgs-1200kgs jumbo bags, or according to customerundefineds requirements.